Erik Scherb, Photographer

This portfolio represents a fresh perspective in photographic abstraction.  Each image is created from multiple motion-blurred photographs which are layered together to create a final composite that transforms the perception of a place or object in a painterly fashion.

This technique encourages the viewer to experience the work through the lens of their own memory and experience rather than being limited by the specific circumstance of a straight photograph. 

"Wild At Heart"


Lexi Street is an Indie/Rock musician from Atlanta. While most of her live acoustic music is steeped in leaves of Americana, Jazz and Pop.  In the studio, she is turning back to her original influence of electronic music.   Inspired by some of her favorite artists – Massive Attack,  Portishead, Zero 7, the XX, and Rhye.


Her latest single, “Wild at Heart” is featured below as an exclusive sneak peek before officially dropping on her Youtube channel.


Nominated for the JPL Independent Music Awards for Bite The Hand in the Female Singer/Songwriter category.   You can see and hear her on the silver screen in a new feature-length comedy starring Tom Green where she plays Tom Green’s sister, Sissy Teal and writing several songs including the title track of the movie.

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Music Video by Erik Scherb, SageCat Studio

Music video for "Wild at Heart" by Lexi Street
I had the absolute pleasure of working with Seersha to create the visuals on her latest music video "Coffee." Watch video below!
Check out her previous work at the link below!
This is the official music video for "Coffee" by Seersha.
"Coffee" by Seersha

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