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About Your Proofs

Choosing Your Final Images.

1. Click on your name icon to the right. 

2. Enter the password that you received in the notification email.

3. You will see a gallery with all of the best unedited image from your session.  From here you can browse and choose your favorites by clicking on the "heart" icon.  *If you choose to share your password with anyone else, they can pick their favorites as well.  The heart icon will show how many "likes" each pic gets.  

4. Once you have settled on your final selections, just send us an email with the file numbers of your selected pics and we will start the retouching process.  *If you want more images retouched than you originally paid for, don't worry.  You can get as many images retouched as you like at the a la carte price.

Thank you, and we hope you enjoy your proofs.

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