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Seven Degrees

This surrealist series explores our current world climate crisis through a meditation of the four elements represented by the symbols of ancient alchemy; Water, Air, Earth, and Fire.

Western alchemists generally sought to manipulate the basic common elements into precious metals and worked in search of the so called “Philosopher’s stone,” also referred to as “the powder,” which would supposedly cure disease and extend human life.

As a metaphor for human advancement and the evolution of resource manipulation, the alchemic symbols imbedded in the images serve as a reminder that we not only manipulate the elements but claim ownership over them to advance the human condition at the expense of the planet. The exploration of these elements is visualized in abstraction utilizing the photographic process, compositing, and exclusion of color. If the images are experienced from left to right, they illustrate an increasing progression of human impact. Water, Air, Earth, and Fire. The images should provoke a sense of human construction as well as a sense of elemental destruction in order to spark thoughts of human impact on the environment.

Project Gallery

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