Just Beneath the Surface

Looking just beneath the crosshatched lines of motion blurred light, photographic remnants of figures and architectural artifacts transform into suggestions of memory and daydreams.

A semblance of place is hinted at along with a skewed and unkept path exploring beauty within the mundane and solace in a time of social turmoil.

The abstractions are constructed with layers of motion captures, or light paintings, that serve as a mode of expression and personal agency. This photographic “action painting” is firmly tied to the artist who, in a sense, lives in the expression and dies upon observation. The captures are digitally stacked together where, contrary to the act of controlled manipulation, the layers seem to dictate their own aesthetic path. The process of blending these layers is essential to building form, yet it is the extreme blurring of the base layer that creates a color field binding the stack together within the context of its original pallet. This pallet essentially grounds the aesthetic to its time and place of origin. The process, in effect, becomes the subject.

Each image embraces the simultaneous existence of binaries such as order & chaos, silence & noise, and peace & violence. As the abstractions rest in ambiguity, the observer may choose their own path as the mind constantly tries to put into order that which is not constrained by reality or bound by perfectionism.

Project Gallery

Untitled #1
Untitled #2
Untitled #20
Untitled #5
Untitled #7
Untitled #8
Untitled #9
Untitled #10